Thursday, August 21, 2008

Big Hints and Barbie-Doll Wrappings

So, I got home after the Vestry Meeting last night, and saw a small pile of brand new grilling tools sitting on our stoop, with a pile of charcoal.

Back when I was in my single girl apartment in Arlington, I did not have a coffeemaker. Why did I need one, I reasoned, when Rappahannocks was just down the street? Houseguests glared at me. Several refused to come stay until I got a coffeemaker. With much eye rolling, I gave in and bought a french press. The rest has been coffee history. (And let's just say, it was a pretty nifty thing to have when I started dating a coffee-making hunk like M...)

So when we moved in to our place in Southbury, we did not have a grill. We had a grill pan, we reasoned. It was a wedding present. Along comes the 4th of July. We invite everyone over for a picnic. People RSVP that they'll come. People started figuring out that we really had no idea what we were doing when we started calling people and casually asking them if they wouldn't mind bringing their grills with them.

"Hey, dad, we'll provide the burgers. Why don't you bring your grill? What do you mean, it's a problem? You have a pickup, don't you?" Apparently, there are some things you can't do even with a pickup and a firefighter for a son.

They showed up instead with a little charcoal grill shaped like a red egg. It worked quite well and we've been experimenting ever since. Of course, we were using regular kitchen tools. Seriously. I'd take my metal tongs and a big potholder out. I'd bring my grill grate inside and wash it with dish soap in the sink, just like a grill pan.

Last night, the Grill Tools showed up. They have wooden handles that are very long... you know, things that'll keep your hands out of the fire. I did have to laugh since they came wrapped in so much plastic and twisty ties that I told M I felt like I was unwrapping a Barbie Doll. You know how they twisty-tie Barbie's everything and tape her to the box and it takes about 15 minutes to unwrap Barbie and her shoes and her hair? Same deal, only with tools.

I'm being educated. Anyone want to come over for a cookout? You bring the burgers this time... I'll try and figure out this "chimney" thing.

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