Sunday, July 27, 2008

Diocese of CT goes online!

So, the Diocese of Connecticut has gone online! How cool is that?

Your very own Vagabond Priest will be the blogger for small church celebrations. A few small fires over at my own parish of Epiphany have prevented me from posting, but this week I am determined to catch up and write about some of the COOL things these smaller parishes are doing around our diocese.

And did you know that Laura Ahrens, the Suffragan with the cool shoes, is a Blogging Bishop for Lambeth? That totally rocks!

It tears me up, actually... should I spend time reading all the awesome blogs from the bishops who are excited by the neat things happening in Lambeth and take in their accounts of the struggles our church is going through, or should I be packing up my home office? I mean, I still have most of the "tacky Jesus" collection to get bubble-wrapped... wouldn't it be terrible if Bobble-Head jesus didn't survive the trip!

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