Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cleaned out the closet!

Well, I cleaned out my closet today! And now I'm starting on the bookshelves.

I thought I'd have several bags full of items to donate. As it turns out, I have just one. Using the rule of "If you haven't worn it in the last year, toss it!", I ruthlessly tossed everything. One old PJ suit (very cozy, but torn) went straight to the trash. A few college relics (great stuff that was vintage when I got it- the hippy look was in at the time), and the Shoes Of Death that I wore for my brother's wedding. I love ya, D&D, but I felt TOTAL JOY to throw those in the donation bag! Yeah!

My mother reasonably suggested I keep the gowns for consignment. OK. Since I take good care of my stuff, I have three formal gowns in perfect condition that could be consigned. And with that... I have gleaned the closet.

It may be, as we are moving into our new place and putting clothes into the new wardrobes we plan to buy, that I will fill it up, and say, "Ah ha, and now I must reduce more!" We'll see at that point.

Now it's on to the harder stuff... for a book nut like me... what books go and what books stay? Obviously, my beautiful hardcovers and first editions and old old classic fairy tales never go. Heck, I might be cremated with the Grimm's tales in hand, I love them that much. AND they are psychologically healthy for developing children! But some other books have run their course.

Now, I always built my library with the question of, "If I have an overnight guest, could they find something interesting to read on my shelves?" but a resident at the hospital asks the question, "Does this book still answer questions I'm interested in asking?"

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