Friday, June 6, 2008

Stubborn Priest

In other news, I sure hope that the parishioner who spoke to me was not as peeved as she appeared. One of my parish ladies appeared a little irate that I was preferring my green chasuble over the church one. On Sunday, the altar guild had put out the church one, and I replaced it with my own.

What I won't say is that I don't like the church ones... I think they have a distinctive 70's vibe. I call the purple set "Disco Lent". Yeah, it's like that.

What I did say was that (truthfully!) the church set doesn't fit. It's too big and too tall (from what I see). Having been made for a man, it does not fit a woman of my stature. And I'm fantastically average in so many ways. I'm a medium everything, including hat size.

I have a number of custom vestments made to fit me. I simply refuse to wear the things that don't fit. I wouldn't wear a pair of too-tight jeans out on the town. I wouldn't wear my husband's shirt as a dress to go to dinner. We all understand why a civilian would wear clothes that fit to go out in public.

That's the main reason I don't wear church vestments. They never fit me. The end.

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