Friday, June 13, 2008

Reports of my demise... are not true!

Wow, so I just heard that apparently rumors are circulating that I've left Epiphany! Readers may rest easy... those are just rumors. I have no plans to leave Epiphany at this point in time. I mean, we've just started some great conversations about what our mission IS at Epiphany. Who are we, and what are we there for?

Perhaps the confusion arose because it is true that my Letter of Agreement is for one year. At the end of that year, we make mutual decisions about how we are doing as a team.

There is indeed some exciting news occurring, but I have to finish informing the proper parties first. It doesn't involve my job or anything like kids (back off, wanna-be grandmas!), but it is exciting for me and M as a couple. We have not, unfortunately, won the lottery or the Powerball. Announcements will follow in this space probably next week.

Don't worry about the cranky tone of the last post- there have been so many exciting things happening, I just get a little frustrated when people choose to focus on the miniscule things like vestments and being upset because a priest won't wear what doesn't fit, rather than celebrating the fact that the priest does have other vestments that fit and that the choir has doubled in size in one year, and that three people who previously didn't contribute to the church have demonstrated that their passion is in heavy-duty outdoor work. There's been some awesome stuff happening...

And the vestry is having some cool conversations...

And the Diocese is giving me some exciting work to do...

I plan to be around here for a while longer!

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