Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Times...

I was just checking a friend's page on Facebook, and ran across her blog, which is super-well-organized. And she has a very detailed wedding blog section from her wedding in Australia. And it was SOOOO much fun, since I was her Maid of Honor, and she and her husband brought me all the way over to Australia.

Coolest. Wedding. Ever. (Actually, I'm blessed to know a bunch of people who have had cool weddings, very individual and awesome... like Diane and David, Emera and Ian, and Jenny and Johnathan. They have bucked the cookie-cutter trend and had something unique and gorgeous. But only Eleanor went to Australia!)

It was such great fun- we had to organize the wedding mostly by email and internet, as we were all scattered all over the world. There was family stress and high drama. She mentions that we were nice and didn't play any tricks on her wedding hotel room... what she doesn't know is how narrowly she escaped! We were one phone call away from having the stinky cheese platter delivered to the newlyweds... when her (very good) sister remarked that since she was newly engaged herself, that she'd better play it safe or reap what she sowed!

At the time, I was single and job-searching for the perfect job. It's great to look back, four years later and see how far we both have come. It makes me think that now it is time to make some paper cranes for my own Christmas tree!

With her 4th anniversary coming up, here's wishing a very, very happy 4th to Eleanor and Westley!

(The above photo is one I shot while El was showing me around Sydney. I just hope that I was able to gracefully make myself scarce at the right times so she could spend lots of time with Westley!)

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