Friday, June 27, 2008


We got accepted for our new apartment! Whoo hoo! With a low security deposit, too. I was worried, actually. Over the past two years, I've moved 4 times, with this one making it 5. I knew one was temporary. But each time after that, I thought it was a settle-down-for-two-years thing. And each time, life has conspired to change on me!

I don't much mind being a nomad. In fact, being a 7 on the Enneagram scale, constant change is right up my alley. I get a little antsy if I'm not moving. I'm looking forward to the gleaning.

I'm reading massive amounts on decluttering, downsizing, and building storage. We are going to supplement the totally insufficient closet space in our new digs, but we (meaning me) are going to clean out our (meaning my) closets of stuff. Yes, I think it's finally time to let my junior prom gown and my tight, belly-baring "club shirt" go on to a new home. Maybe I'll give the shirt to my sister, who MUST go clubbing in England next year. Maybe I'll send a lot of it over to the Upper Room Thrift Shop.

We are really working towards a philosophy of less and simplicity. I would like to have my home clean, clear, and filled with those things I actually use. I wanna have one of those cool homes that you walk into and you say, "Wow, this is a cool place!" with neat throw pillows, a cozy cat, and a aura of awesomeness. (And not of "hello, I can't accept that I'm no longer 21!")

I'm also trying very hard to impress this philosophy upon my parents- yes, both of you!- who think they are downsizing. Not so much. This past week, I cleaned out the cupboards down in the basement of expired items and old canning. As I filled up the back of my dad's pickup with jars destined for the Southbury recycling (since there was no way they could fit it all in their home recycling), I caught my dad "rescuing" some bottles. He fairly ran for the basement, swearing every which way that he really USED them for storage. My mother also "rescued" a chipped glass bowl. Their days are numbered, you guys. Just wait!

I'm not unreasonable. I will not argue that you should keep your family photos, the military awards, and your gorgeous vintage handmade wedding gown. But you've got to toss the unused school notebooks and the brand-new, never-used sewing maching cart. And I've got to let go of the bridesmaids gowns and the blah books and the suitcase I keep saying I hate.

Just you wait.

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