Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bubble Water

And per popular request...

Bubble water, fizzy water, selzter, soda water... whatever you call it, I love it. I got hooked when I worked at Friendly's when I was 16, and I could get endless fizzy water out of the soda fountain.

Enter the coolness. I have gotten hooked on Apartment Therapy and its sister blogs, and one sister blog is TheKitchn. That blog talks about delectable food, and had a post on soda siphons. I had no idea! But you can actually make fizzy water at home! Nirvana, it seemed, was just a CO2 canister away.

So I researched and read reviews, and settled on the Soda-Club. Ahhhhhhh....

No kidding. If you love fizzy water, it IS nirvana in your kitchen. So far, I had made about 12 bottles of plain fizzy waters, and two mojitos. You can control how much fizz to put in the H2O. It's weird. It's a niche item. It's probably a little eccentric.

And it's one of those things I'll take with me if I ever have to, say, flee an oncoming tornado or run from a tidal wave. "No, wait! I don't have my fizzy water machine!"

Okay, maybe not THAT bad. But I love my new toy. It's happiness in my kitchen!

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