Saturday, May 17, 2008

Official Results!

The results are posted for the Bishop's 5K. Martin and I tied at 34:56 (even though he gave me a little shove near the end...).

I was actually the #3 clergywoman to cross the line, but due to an error, they gave the trophy to the #4 clergywoman. Worthy opponents, and I look forward to getting my trophy in next year's race!

Relaxing times

So we came home from the Bishop's Run for Kids, where Epiphany made a fine showing. I actually was the 3rd clergy woman to cross the line, but due to a tag error, the #4 clergywoman got the trophy. Oh, sadness! Amy let me know I was the real #3 with a time just over 35 minutes. (Waiting for the actual times...)

At any rate, here we are, getting home, and Origami (our tuxedo cat) grabbed something in his mouth and ran upstairs. Things were overturned in my office...

"Oh, no, he's got a squirrel!" yells Martin. He fetches Tupperware. I separate cat from squirrel. Martin rescues squirrel, who was unhurt. (He was just covered in cat spit...)

As a hawk soared through our backyard right in front of us about 10 feet off the ground, we took some pictures of our new friend. He's been released in the woods where he scampered right up a tree.

Meet a real, live, North American flying squirrel.

(Look closely to see his little wings in the second picture- they are the bunched up sections of his body.)

Friday, May 16, 2008


I'm telling you, stuff like this renews my faith in humanity. Sure, international aid and donating from the other side of the planet is nice, but when a people in trouble turn to their neighbors and open their hearts, wallets, and time, I think that maybe this world is doing alright after all. God's peace be within us, Christ's peace be over us, the Spirit's peace be under our feet.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Bag!

On a happier note, my new bag just arrived! I have been searching for a bag that could fit my laptop when necessary but not required, but was also good-looking and light enough to carry around for every day work. Ideally, it would be a hybrid of large purse/work tote.

I had bought (off ebay) this nice Mobile Edge Tote. It was very well-made and good-lookin', but it was huge. It was carry-on luggage size. It is a great bag if you are a road warrior who needs to defend your laptop every day from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but for me... not so much.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the universe, a small company called Rainebrooke had just gone carbon neutral. They had a slew of cool, funky bags that seemed pretty nifty. Then, they went on sale.

I bought this one, in green. It just came today. It's the PERFECT size to carry every day, very spacious with 4 (four!) outside pockets (just calling for my hospital ID and pager!) and several large inside pockets, big enough for my mobile phone and sundry! Plus, it's green.

The only quirk is the the laptop sleeve is a little large for my Macbook. (Uh, it's HUGE, actually.) So I am swapping in my Stuffit laptop sleeve in because it's happy and it looks cute. The sleeve that came with the bag will probably only be used for serious travel involving airplanes and super-spy type action where I must leap off the second floor of National Airport, grab the nearest Vespa, jumpstart it, and take off with tires squealing to get a good seat in St. Elmo's Coffeepub. (That's right, you're going to go if you are lucky enough to live in DC!)

Here it is. (Above, with the Stuffit sleeve.) Stuffit is another small, great, friendly company. Love those small companies! Power to the little guys and their great customer service and creativity!

Remember to donate to Episcopal Relief and Development so they can help the hurting. But also remember- if you don't have time for some silly joy in your life, you don't have time for your life. Balance, it's all about it!

Myanmar, Virginia, and other Disasters

I've seen and heard a lot lately about the natural disasters that have come with this spring. It makes me hurt and makes me wake up at night to make sure M is okay and wonder what I would do if something like that ever happened here. Being in emergency work like I am, I know I'd probably get called in to work and wouldn't be able to check on my loved ones and make sure they were okay. So...

This is the link to donate via Episcopal Relief and Development. They already have in-roads to places where help is needed, and the donated dollars go to the cause, not to buying Lexuses for the administration. When you give via ERD, you can really know your money has helped.

M and I have been talking about donating a tithe of our tax refund. I think ERD will be very high on our list of who that money will go to.

Call upon God for peace in our time.

Monday, May 12, 2008

First Anniversary!

One year later.

In a year, M and I have certainly been through a great deal of change. We married, we started to put together our first tiny apartment together, we moved to CT into a HUGE house, and started new jobs. In the meantime, we've seen each other through the flu and the acquisition of two cats.

(I think the cats like M better than me.)

Throughout it all, I'm amazed. I know I'm certainly not an easy person to live with, given to bouts of melancholy, restlessness, and controlling behavior. M is gracious, and does not tell the world what a weirdo I can be about folding laundry. The most common phrase I have uttered this year, I think, has been, "Well, in Arlington, at MY apartment, I did X-Y-Z." M, thankfully, has not gotten at all mad at any of those utterances. (Thank God I married such a sweet, laid-back fella!) Of course, he probably knows he couldn't compete with my single-girl decorating sense. He WAS a single outdoorsy guy, after all.

I think that, perhaps, the best things we give each other: we loved each other in the beginning for who we were, and oddly enough, we actually really like each other. We also have a weird knack for talking things through, and we have grown to know how the other is saying "I'm sorry, please forgive me".

I must be a very lucky girl- M is exactly the sort of guy I'd pick out of a catalog to special-order. I sure was lucky the day he walked into that class in DC!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hear ye! Hear ye! Shirts on Sale!

Hey, tip for the ladies... if you are in the market for new professional clothes or new clergy shirts, NY and Co is having a BIG sale that will fit both needs. I picked up three shirts for $50, which is less than the cost of ONE new clergy shirt! Rock on!

I'll try to post photos after I add the button and make the collar convert.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Yard Work

The Rectory's yard had been in sad condition. Years of neglect by renters who didn't want a garden plus a large fence that prevented the church from seeing the condition their grounds were really in equaled an overgrown, scary yard filled up with pricker bushes. The church has lost an enormous amount of ground to the horrid bushes, and residents (and other unknown individuals) had taken to using the grounds as a trash dump.

Not a fun place to live, and we were about to start our garden in containers on the back patio. You know, like a balcony garden, just on a patio in a huge yard.

The church, however, has been true to their name, Epiphany, this past week. The Vestry bravely took on some serious, draining, and difficult work of starting to clarify what sort of mission the church has, and among other things, they took a walk through the grounds and honestly assessed the condition of their property. Those sorts of meetings take guts.

Saturday, a crowd of parishoners showed up bearing everything from small flower-bed rakes to big power tools and hard-working trucks. They went to town on the overgrown mess.

Above, you can see BEFORE and AFTER. Same view. Not kidding.