Saturday, April 26, 2008

Whoo-hoo! Wireless, baby!

I don't really know how I did it... it wasn't working yesterday and I didn't really change anything, but suddenly...

I can print wirelessly! Wowsers! We now have a "rough draft" and a "fancy schmancy" printer in the house.

How cool is that?

Rearranging the Furniture

M. and I had been talking much lately about how lost we feel in our huge Rectory. It has served as an inn and a B&B... and it totally shows it, with its many rooms and cavernous feel. This place is larger than either of our childhood homes, and (us being newlyweds) we had enough furniture to comfortably fill up a two-bedroom apartment.

Then we moved into a house. It's huge. There's two main entry doors in the kitchen alone, and no logical place to put a 'shoe drop', meaning that shoes are worn all over the house, which is terrifically drafty. We tried to fill up a nine room house with our two-bedroom apartment's worth of stuff. We got totally lost. We also discovered that we didn't like using the sparse, empty rooms... even if they WERE specific to a purpose. I felt isolated and uninspired in my "music room". Martin hated his very own study with the futon and the bookshelf. The energy of the house was concentrated around the kitchen... but it flowed into this empty, unused music room and a cold living room.

Clearly, enough was enough. We decided we are just not big house people. We had already shut up three rooms... and this weekend, we shut up a fourth!

The futon has come to live with me, in the room that is the library. I do love the walls lined with shelves, and now I have my piano, my viola, my slant-top desk and my futon all close at hand. (The futon has the added benefit of being insulating in this drafty place!)

M. took over the former "music room". It got his rug, his bookcase, his desk, our filing cabinet, and a nice table top for his easel. It looks inspiring. And he's finally warm and comfortable. I think he's gotten more done at home today than he has in months.

I also reclaimed the kitchen table. It finally has its centerpiece back, so it looks like you are just about to come over for tea. Clean. Organized. Ready. It makes me feel so happy it's sort of scary... I mean, is this a little too 'Stepford'-ish or Martha-like? In the end, I just don't like big spaces. I like small houses where I am two steps from a cozy futon piled with reading, where my cat can sleep comfortably while I type away. Some people would call this 'jammed'.

M. and I call it cozy, small, and right. We've now shut up four rooms of this nine room house, and it's finally starting to feel manageable.

God bless the five-room house. Maybe it'll feel like a home someday.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Week of Technological Procrastination

Well, I've been having quite the busy week with a number of visits and a few extra events at the hospital (which got a little schedule crunched this week) and gave up both my days off and still have a sermon to put the finishing touches on! (But for the record, I *did* write the outline by Tuesday!)

In the meantime, I've been getting my new Palm Centro up to speed. My old Palm had been going downhill for quite some time, and I am only just now realizing how down it had gone. I had not been syncing it properly for a long time. I was contenting myself with syncing only the calendar. Suddenly, I have long battery life and now I can sync my to-do lists, my address book, my calendar, and everything else! Ah, the control-freak in me is singing happy songs of joy as my entire life is being quickly contained with the boundaries of a small white-with-green-keys smartphone.

I'm a little torn, actually, as to whether or not the control is good or bad. You see, I usually like to know everything that is going on and have all the necessary information at the tip of my fingers. That's why I'm so good at emergency services, actually... I can respond quickly to all things.

I usually fool myself into thinking I'm actually the one in charge.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ready for a break from this week...

What a week. So far, I've had about three major tragedies and one averted tragedy. Good God, you wonder what the world is coming to. In Connecticut, we've had three home invasions in the past 48 hours. One of them involved a fatality, and I'm stunned at how many people knew the lady who died. A number of staff at the hospital knew her and are grieving her death, as are a number of people I know "on the outside". She certainly had a wide-reaching impact in this area. And close family just averted what could have been a very serious incident. By serious, I mean get-down-on-the-floor-and-thank-God-for-his-guarding-angels... and that he made us Portuguese. A "bad guy" broke into my uncle's house and barricaded himself in my cousin's room. My uncle, a hefty Portuguese fellow, kicked down the door. Well done, him! Physically, everyone is fine, and the bad guy was caught after my uncle "escorted him from the house". For those of you who know only me, I take after the Italian side of the family- more slender and fairer of skin. The Portuguese side is built like bricks, powerful, dark, and very naturally strong... in short, NOT the sort of person whose house you want to break into.

A while back, after the first of the tragedies, someone said to me, "I bet you can make sense of this all with God, huh?" and I replied, "Actually, what I really want now is my friend the Rabbi, and I want to get invited to a Seder, and I want to hear the words, 'Next year, in Isreal'."

"Why 'Isreal'? That has nothing to do with what is happening here."

"Yes, but it's the hope. It's the notion that no matter how bad things are here, no matter that we aren't celebrating in the Holy Land, no matter how black our future looks, maybe next year, we'll be there, in that holy space. Maybe next year, always the hope of next year."

Next year, then... next week... tomorrow... in Israel.